Maple Products


one Maple Taffy


Homemade maple taffy is often a fun tradition in the snowy climes of Canada. It is made by boiling maple syrup to 115 °C and pouring it onto clean snow. Once sufficiently hardened, the soft maple caramel can be twirled around a wooden stick and enjoyed as a sweet, sticky treat.
Maple taffy is a sticky, chewy toffee that children love.

three Maple Sugar


Pure granulated maple sugar is available as table sugar, icing sugar or superfine sugar. It can be used directly as a sweetener, or in any recipe that calls for sugar or brown sugar.

five Maple Flakes


Maple flakes are created by freeze-drying (dehydrating) maple syrup. Use plain or flavoured flakes to liven up cocktails, desserts, breading and spice mixes.

two Maple Butter


When maple syrup is boiled continuously while stirring, it achieves a buttery consistency and can be spread on bread, chapatis, and pancakes, or used as a topping for fruits, or eaten directly from a spoon! Despite the name, it contains no milk or dairy – only pure maple. This makes it ideal for vegans or those with lactose intolerance.

four Hard Maple Sugar


This is also called block maple sugar because of its compact form, and was highly prized in the early years of maple. Grate it over toast, French toast, etc.

six Maple Spirits


Made by fermenting maple water or blending maple into a liqueur, these spirits are great for sipping or cooking.

seven Maple Water


(NAPSI Certified) Maple water is another term for maple sap, the clear liquid that flows naturally from sugar maple trees. Full of the electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants naturally occurring in sugar maple trees, NAPSI certified maple water is also naturally low in sugar. With only 20 calories per serving, it has half the calories of coconut water, making it a healthy and refreshing source of hydration. NAPSI certification guarantees to the consumers the authentic experience of drinking the clear and fresh sap as it would come out of the tree.