Home of Maple

Today, Canadian pure maple syrup is exported to approximately 50 countries, including India, where it is available in gourmet food stores, select supermarkets and online outlets.

Quebec is responsible for 90 percent of maple syrup production in Canada and approximately 71 percent of all maple production in the entire world. Together, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia account for 10 percent of Canadian production. In Canada, there are 8,600 maple businesses, of which 7,300 are in Qu├ębec.home-of-maple-2

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers proudly promotes the Maple Products from Canada brand and coordinates the marketing and development of Canadian maple products to the world on behalf of the Canadian maple industry. To these ends, Quebec Maple Syrup leads and gives direction to an international innovation network for maple.