All About Maple

all about maple

Legend has it that it all started with a perky squirrel.

Native American tribes people around the St Lawrence river were the first to start making sweet drinks from the maple sap.

Jacques Cartier, the French explorer who discovered Canada, later re-discovered maple water sometime between 1536 and 1542. He first observed the North American maple trees while exploring the St Lawrence river, which flows northeast from the Great Lakes (spread around the the Canada-US border) across Canadian provinces including Quebec, before draining in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Atlantic ocean.

Intrigued by a strange-looking tree, he cut it down to find large quantities of sweet, delicious liquid (sap) spurting from it. It was after this that written accounts of the maple tree and the sap appeared, marking the beginning of its widespread popularity and use.


Many centuries ago, during a period of famine,
a Native American youth noticed a squirrel full of energy. He watched the squirrel lick the sap from a maple tree, and realised this was the source of its vitality. Since then, maple sap (also known as maple water) started to be consumed as a fortifying drink.